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E Store for wholesale supply of Specialty LED lights to the Balloon Decorating Industry

About us

The Link-O-Loon has been a great tool over the years. In particular it was possible to attach a single LED  to the Tip of the linking balloon and by the simple process of invaginating the balloon it was possible to suspend the LED inside. However it was not very interresting to place a single LED, which in most cases was too heavy anyway. Now we have the Easy Link balloon coming on the market, with its larger capacity, hence a larger buoyancy. As LEDs have become more powerful, lighter and cheaper it  is now possible to have as many as 20 small LEDs inside a floating normal size link balloon and the luminance is sufficient to produce an amazing effect.
For a standard size balloon to float to the ceiling, it must bring with it its power pack and it is not possible with the present technology to have more than one LED powered with a button battery. This is possible to produce this kind of product in a factory and such products have become available and we  stock them for your convenience.
The two main types of products supplied in this estore are LEDs which are separated from the power packs with a length of thin copper wire, which also serves as means to tether the balloon. In most cases the length of that wire is 2 meters, which makes the system versatile. Naturally that length requires the copper wire to be very light. We also have a self contained LED pack which can be used in air filled balloons, but is too heavy to be lifted with even a 3 feet helium filled balloon.
The two product lines are "LED on copper wires tails" and "LED Disco Platforms".
"LED on copper wires tails" are made with 20 LED buds on a 1 meter copper wire. The wire is extended by 1.5 or 2 meters bare wire, then a battery pack. It could be described as an extremely light fairy lights assembly, without any colour change capability.
"LED Disco Platforms" are light weight circuit boards, which include an array of multicoloured LEDs and the electronics for remotely controling various changes of colours.
The circuit board does not contain any battery, which makes it light enough to be lifted by a 2 feet helium balloon. There is a 2 meters copper wire  extending from the circuit board to the battery pack.
As the balloon manufacturers have been reluctant to supply us with Linking balloons larger than 12", we must use the old fashion button method to create an anchoring point for the  
"LED on copper wires tails" to be suspended from the top of the balloon larger than 12inches. This is how displays such as the "Milky Way" was done.